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Kids Under Construction encourages children to try new activities and provides the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge their minds with our Full day Year-round Childcare.
We do a Daily Circle Time, Lesson and hands-on learning through activities starting as early as 2-year-old. 
    Circle time will consist of: 
  • Days of the Week 
  • Weather
  • Abc's
  • Numbers 
  • Shapes 
  • Colors 
  •  Zoo Phonics ( Sounds of the letters) 
 Lesson Time activities will vary by class:
  •  Name Tracing
  • Identifying the Alphabet 
  • Identifying Numbers 
  • Identifying Shapes 
  • Sensory Projects 
  • Structured Floor Time 
  • Sight Words (PRE-K)
  • Beginning Middle and End Sounds(PRE-K)
  • Art Projects 
  • Scensory 
  • Manipulatives 
  • Worksheets 








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Piper and Corbin .JPEG

Extra Cirricular Activities

Kids Under Construction have a variety of wonderful Extra Cirricular Activities for the kids to do on top of the learning we offer at the center. For a extra fee

your kids can enjoy:






 The Dates and Times of these classes are posted in the center on our Extra Cirricular Board. ​

 *** Please Note: Not all the classes run the whole year and will depend on the amount of children enrolled***

    All extra Cirricular payments go directly to the  hosting company, not Kids Under Construction. 

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